Snowdon – getting higher and higher!

Published: Saturday 1st Mar 2014

Written by: Gareth Mahoney

Snowdon has been slowly making up ground on Ben Nevis and could well be Britain’s highest peak within 10 years. A combination of Tectonic plate movements and ultimately people power are currently seeing the famous Welsh mountain grow at about 25 meters a year. There is a strong tradition of placing a stone on top of a pile on each ascent and as visitor numbers to Wales have increased and subsequently visitor to numbers to Snowdon this process has seen this initial small pile of rocks get taller by the day.Llion Pughe the co-owner of Best of Wales Holiday Cottages commented “it’s a truly dramatic change and one of course that could have a massive effect on the tourism industry. As soon as it does become the highest point visitor numbers would except treble with enthusiasts looking to climb the new highest point.”

Ultra Marathon runner and real-life super hero Lowri Morgan even trains for her World challenges by running up and down Snowdon many times each day and has really noticed the change. “Each time I go up it seems to get higher and higher and although hard it’s helping me to train harder for my events”.Snowdon is measured annually on the 1st April and scientists and the general public alike are waiting to see what today's readings will show.


Yr Wyddfa / Snowdon

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Gareth Mahoney



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