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Dyfi Mountain Biking

Four mountain bike trails that have been constructed in or near to Machynlleth. Mach 1, Mach 2, Mach 3, and the latest – Climach-X trail, making Machynlleth an ideal destination for a mountain biking holiday. All the routes start from Machynlleth and you can pick up route guides from The Holey Trail bike shop in Machynlleth. They vary in length, 1 being the shortest and 3 the longest and ClimachX the most challenging.

Mach 1

This route is a great starting point - get a taste of what is on offer in the Dyfi valley.

The 16 kilometres takes in the beautiful Llyfnant Valley, the meandering lanes of Glaspwll and through the woods of Llyn Glanmerin

Mach 2

This the middle-Mach, taking you steeply upwards and wickedly fast downwards - a great test of your skills. Enjoy a few miles of the famous ‘Glyndwr’s Way’ .

24 kilometres feels a lot longer by the time you get home!

Mach 3

This is the big one, the Mac daddy!

Taking you way out into the wilderness.

You really feel (and are) miles from anywhere on this route. If you are feeling the call of the wild - try the Mach 3.

Over 30k


The cli-machx was built in 2005 and is sited in the Dyfi forest; home of the howies Dyfi Enduro.

It's a 15km round trip, with 9km of built single track with compressions and whoops, rock slab drop offs and some beautiful flowing turns.

The last descent is the longest in Wales and features rocky jumps; watch out for the 'eye of the needle'; a huge jump with a narrow landing between two trees on the other side.

The finale is a sequence of eight huge berms following quickly after each other. Hit them high enough and fast enough and they ride really well, but don't look down!