Explore Stunning North Wales from Corwen Holiday Cottages & Country Houses

Our rural 4* & 5* Corwen holiday cottages and country houses locate you in the beautiful heart of North Wales. The town of Corwen is an attraction in itself. Right on the doorstep of Corwen holiday cottages you will find cosy pubs, delicious local produce, historic buildings and local North Welsh charm.

Geographically you will find the Best of Wales Corwen holiday cottages tucked beneath the Berwyn mountains, 11 miles to the West of Llangollen, situated on the shores of the River Dee. It is a small town with just 2,400 inhabitants, so you will be able to enjoy the peace, quiet and local warmth in the midst of stunning North Wales.

If you're looking to enjoy a real Welsh getaway, our Corwen holiday cottages and apartments are situated right on the border of the Snowdonia National Park, allowing you to enjoy castles, lakes, mountains and stunning landscapes from the affordable luxury of our specially picked Corwen holiday cottages and properties.

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