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Canolfan Tryweryn's National White Water Centre

Canolfan Tryweryn's National White Water Centre operates on the Afon (river) Tryweryn, near Bala in North Wales. The Tryweryn is a dam released river so water is often flowing when other British rivers are dry, thus producing a unique year round white water venue.

The National White Water Centre was the first commercial white water rafting operation in the UK. Since it was established in 1986, it has also grown to become the largest and most well-respected white water rafting organisation in the UK.

Watersports on the river includes White Water Rafting, Kayaking & Canoeing. The whitewater rapids have been modified by placing boulders in strategic points along the course of the river to create eddys, drops and play spots.

Access to the centre is free of charge for canoeists and kayakers. To make enquiries and bookings call 01678 521083 (option 3).

The river is generally split into three sections: Top Site, Centre Section and the Lower Tryweryn.

Top Site
This constitutes the section of river leading from the setting basin below the Llyn Celyn dam along to the chipper (a metal fish trap, so called because it resembles a chip-slicer). The chipper is actually a fish-trap. This section is a nice Grade II coming onto III, with a good play-hole (the "Top-Hole") and a playful weir. The section is often used for safety and rescue courses, as well as kayaking freestyle competitions. Officially there is no raft or canoe access to this top section.

The Centre Section
This section (commonly known as the "Upper Tryweryn") is the main part of the Tryweryn, it runs for approximately 2 km from the chipper down to the Tyn Cornel camping site, and is a good Grade III. It contains most of the main features of the river (in order of occurrence):

  • The Graveyard
  • The Ski Jump
  • Fedwr Gog Falls (aka Miss Davis' Bridge, or 'Stone' bridge),
  • Café Wave
  • Fingers
  • NRA (National Rivers Authority) Bridge
  • Chapel Falls

The Lower Tryweryn
Running the 4 km from the Tyn Cornel campsite down to Bala, this is a good Grade II bordering on Grade III section which finishes spectacularly at Bala Mill Falls (an easily portaged Grade IV rapid). This section is not managed like the upper Tryweryn, although the centre has been known to remove fallen trees and other obstructions/hazards quickly.