Come and experience Lambing Live in Wales

Published: Wednesday 25th Feb 2015

Written by: Gareth Mahoney

Wales is home to 11 million sheep meaning that agriculture is one of the countries leading industries. With so many sheep this time of year is a busy and important time for the farming community – Lambing season. This is when farms across the country turn into maternity wards to welcome 100,000’s of new lambs into the world.

Farming is a traditional way of life for many people and their commitment and passion for the industry is evident. As well as farming a number of farmers have diversified and now also welcome holiday visitors to their farms, and this is where the opportunity arises to experience your very own version of lambing live.

Our holiday cottages in Wales are the perfect place to experience as little or as much of this wonderful time of year as you want. Who would like to see a new born lamb taking its first step, experience the hustle and bustle of the lambing shed, or the opportunity to bottle feed milk to a pet lamb?

Gwesty Pili Pala at Pentref bach are in the middle of their lambing season and here you’ll be able to see their flock of Pure Bred Tregaron Welsh Mountain sheep, guests in the past have called them the prettiest lambs in the world!

Ffermdy’r Waun and Ysgubor y Waun are also in the middle of their lambing season and here you can get as hands on as you wish as you visit their lambing shed to give a helping hand.

Hafan Hiraethog is another great option for you and again will be lambing from early March until the end of April.

Finally Stabal y Sarn are coming to the end of their lambing season however it’s still a great sight to see the lambs in their first few months of their lives playing and jumping around the fields, a clear sign that spring has sprung.

So why not experience something a little different on your holiday this spring and stay on a genuine Welsh farm. What are you waiting for……

Gareth Mahoney



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