Beautiful Holiday Cottages, South Wales Borderlands

Holiday cottages in South Wales Borderlands offer a range of beautiful properties in this diverse and enchanting area of the country. Encompassing an area of designated natural beauty as well as an Industrial Landscape World Heritage Site, this is an area of imposing castles, wooded valleys, meandering rivers, strong industrial heritage and last but not least, beautiful holiday cottages. South Wales Borderlands includes the beautiful Wye Valley and Vale of Usk, and is home to the highest number of castles per square mile in Britain.

Best of Wales cottages offer its guests the opportunity of visiting  everything from Roman amphitheatres in Caerleon to food festivals in Abergavenny, from world-famous literary festivals in Hay-on-Wye to a day out at Chepstow Races. Take Abergavenny, for example, the Gateway to Wales  - you cannot beat this little gem of a town for the beauty of its surroundings which include the Sugar Loaf National Park and its vineyards, for its enticing boutiques and coffee-shops and of course, for its world famous Food Festival which takes place every September.   Just twelve miles or so away and you will arrive at the idyllic little town of Usk - always beautifully adorned in colourful flowers. The region is also home to Wales' newest city, which proudly hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup and also has the highest number of Michelin restaurants in Wales.

For those of us more interested in history, a wealth of historical monuments beckons which include the hauntingly beautiful Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley, the best preserved medieval abbey in Wales.   A few miles away in the small country village of Raglan,  its castle of the same name rises majestically in the distance.

This area has something for every tourist and Best of Wales cannot wait to welcome you to this idyllic area, the Gateway to Wales, with its superb cottages within easy reach of the many lovely towns and stunning countryside it has to offer.

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