New air tax makes Foreign Travel unaffordable.

Published: Monday 1st Nov 2010

Written by: Gareth Mahoney

The new ‘Green’ air tax comes into force next week and will see a large increase in the price of Air Travel. On of back strikes and volcanic ash clouds this is another incentive for holiday makers to choose a holiday with Best of Wales Holiday Cottages. With over 100 4 and 5 star luxury self catering properties to choose from, Best of Wales has a property for every need from a seafront pad to a mountain retreat to a city centre penthouse.

Christmas Shopping in Cardiff

As expected the airline companies have attacked next week’s jump in air passenger duty, warning that “excessive taxation puts aviation’s social and economic benefits at risk”, as it posted it first profit in two years. Green campaigners and environmentalists have welcomed the tax as fewer flights will decrease the huge Co2 levels currently emitted each year from air travel.For more information on Best of Wales holiday properties visit


Gareth Mahoney



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