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Published: Friday 14th May 2010

Written by: Gareth Mahoney

Wales has emerged as the potential big winners of Britain’s ‘staycation summer’, a survey has found. In 2009 visitor numbers too many of the UK’s attractions saw large increases, including a 40 % increase to the Royal Horticularal Society events. This ties in with many more people choosing to enjoy the delights of a holiday cottage in Wales. The law of averages suggests that this summer will be warmer than many of the previous years and with luxury accommodation to be had on your door step, now could be the time to trade in your foreign holiday for a true staycation.

The figures back up previous reports that found an increasing number of Britons decided to stay at home rather than go abroad for their holidays, with more than 12 million choosing to do so, due in part to the recession and poor exchange rates.

Dan Willis, marketing director of the TBSH, said: “There has been a trend towards people holidaying at home. “But in our case I think that there is also a trend that more and more people are recognising the simple beauty of our own Coast and countryside.” As British seaside holidays prove more popular than ever Best of Wales can provide high quality 4 and 5 star holiday cottage accommodation throughout Wales.

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Gareth Mahoney



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