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Published: Tuesday 25th Feb 2014

Written by: Gareth Mahoney

In a few days time, it will be March 1st. If you’re Welsh, that means it’s Dydd Gwyl Dewi (St David’s Day).  Across Wales, it’s a day of celebration of Welsh culture and of the patron saint of Wales, Dewi Sant (St David), especially in schools and cultural societies. Parades and festivals are held across the land, children go to school dressed in traditional Welsh costume, eisteddfodau are held in schools, and concerts in pubs and clubs. Just about everyone else wears a daffodil or maybe a leek. Cawl and Welsh cakes are on the menu wherever you go. It’s all part of the long history and traditions of Wales: St David’s Day has been a national institution since away back in 1120, after St David was canonized.

If you’re not Welsh, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Take a look at this video and it will help you to understand why Welsh people have so much to be proud of. And if you are Welsh, then you will understand perfectly the sentiment of the video and why we’re so proud of being Welsh. Wales has just been voted as one of the best places to visit in 2014, by readers of Rough Guides – it’s a wonderful place for a holiday but don’t just take our word for it. You need to come and see for yourself. At Best of Wales Self Catering Holiday Cottages, we offer you the best of Wales’ holiday accommodation – we have a huge range of first class cottages, barns and apartments  for you to choose from, so get in touch with us at www.bestofwales.co.uk or phone us on 01650 511101 and come and discover the magic and beauty of this amazing land.

Welsh CakeTry some Welsh cakes on st Davids day

Gareth Mahoney



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