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Cottage Owners - 10 Good Reasons to Join

Best of Wales is working on behalf of owners and customers to secure the best deal for all parties involved in the self-catering holiday industry. The company aims to make self catering holidays in Wales an excellent experience for both guests and cottage owners by offering a friendly, prompt and efficient service, along with the best value for money.

As holiday cottage owners ourselves we understand your needs and requirements, and as such there are many reasons for you to advertise your self-catering accommodation with Best of Wales. We've summarised 10 of these reasons below and you can also find out more about the service we offer to property owners in this Best of Wales video:

1. We Attract a High Volume of Potential Customers

We continuously update and optimise our website to ensure that your property is seen by a high volume of potential customers, i.e. people who are ready to book a holiday in Wales and in your area. Over 100,000 unique visitors a month currently visit the website and this number, as well as the percentage who book a holiday is constantly increasing.

2. Wide-spread Marketing

Not only will you get great exposure on the Best of Wales website, we also work hard to spread your presence to an even wider global audience. Amongst the various marketing techniques we have partnerships with numerous third party websites which also promote your property as part of the Best of Wales package.

3. We Manage All the Admin with a State of the Art System

The booking system behind Best of Wales’ website is second to none. It means that we can process and track payments and provide our customers with a complete service before and after their stay. This leaves you to concentrate fully on your holiday accommodation and making your guests’ stay a memorable one.

4. We Support Your Business with No Contractual Tie-ins

Different to other agencies, we don’t insist on exclusive control over your property. The only thing we ask, when securing bookings for your business, is that you also encourage those customers to re-book through Best of Wales.

5. A Range of Exclusive Benefits

As a Best of Wales member, you will also get access to our exclusive benefits, including discounted rates on a wide range of relevant products (kitchenware, soft furnishing, bedding & towels, food, drink, cleaning products and much more).

6. We Offer a Very Competitive Rate

As owners of 4 and 5 star accommodation ourselves, we have made a point of keeping the commission rate as low as it can possibly be. Contact us for more details.

7. Free to Join

There is no fee to join and the package includes a professional photography session and a high quality video for your accommodation.

8. More Profit For You

With over 20 years experience and success in e-marketing and e-commerce we, as the owners of Best of Wales, know exactly how to ensure more customers and profit for your business. This is proven by our rapid growth and a high conversion rate from enquiries to bookings.

9. A Powerful, Easy to Remember Brand

As the name suggests, only the best properties (high 4 star* and 5 star) appear on our website therefore the brand is associated with high quality.

10. Totally Dependable Service in English and Welsh

We provide a friendly service 7 days a week which means that we are always at the other end of the phone / email if you need anything. Our company is completely bilingual and this is proven by Welsh and English versions of the website: Best of Wales and Y Gorau o Gymru.

We look forward to working with you!


*As an Accredited Agency, it is a requirement for all properties to be graded by Visit Wales. If you haven’t already graded your property, we can arrange this for you at a discounted rate. A property will need to achieve an overall score of 84% or higher from Visit Wales to qualify for coverage on the Best of Wales website.