Odds On for a Holiday in Wales this Summer

Published: Saturday 8th May 2010

Written by: Gareth Mahoney

A sudden increase in the number of summer holiday bookings in Wales is expected to continue as fears for further volcanic activity in Iceland persists. Following news that bookies have slashed the odds on a second Icelandic volcano erupting this year from 6/1 to 11/8, people seem to be taking a safer bet by booking their summer holidays closer to home.

‘We’ve seen a huge increase in the number of people booking a summer holiday in self catering cottages around Wales this week’ said Llion Pughe, Director of Luxury holiday cottage agency Best of Wales.

‘It seems that many people have been delaying their decision to book their summer holiday this year for various reasons. The recent uncertainty surrounding the volcanic ash has definitely played a significant part in this. The latest developments seem to have been the deciding factor as people opt to book self catering holidays in Wales and the UK.’

Katla has been showing signs of unrest since 1999 and geologists have growing concerns that an eruption is imminent following the recent eruption of neighbouring volcano Guðnasteinn beneath the Eyjafjallajökull glacier.

In the past 1,000 years, all three known eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull have triggered a subsequent eruption of Katla. Whilst a second eruption could be disastrous for airline companies and holiday makers hoping for a trip abroad, there might be a consolation price for those who choose to stay in Britain, with recent predictions of a warmer summer this year.

A report by Positive Weather Solutions (PWS), predicts that June, July, and August will all experience warmer-than-average temperatures, whilst there may be record temperatures in the latter part of summer. According to Jonathan Powell, Senior Forecaster at PWS: “A very warm summer has been on the cards for some years, and the Met Office believed it was likely to happen last year. But now it is time to get the barbecue out, and people should be able to find a good deal after last year’s Met Office forecast.”

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Gareth Mahoney



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