Walking the Carneddau, Snowdonia

Wild HorsesThe Carneddau are a group of mountains in northern Snowdonia, North Wales and includes the largest adjoining areas of high ground in Wales and England. It also includes half the country’s highest peaks, recognised as the Fourteen Peaks (over 3,000 feet / 910 meters). Another interesting fact about the Carneddau range is that it is home to the UK's only population of wild horses.

At 1064m and 1044m respectively, Carnedd Llywelyn and Carnedd Dafydd are the two highest peaks in this range. They are also the second and third highest peaks in Wales, behind Snowdon.

Carnedd Llewelyn’s position in the middle of the range means that any route to this summit involves a long walk. It can be climbed from Gerlan, above Bethesda, by following the path along Afon Llafar before continuing to the summit of Yr Elen and across the short ridge to Carnedd Llewelyn. Another path starts from Helyg on the A5, taking the track to the reservoir then following the slopes above Craig yr Ysfa to the summit.

Carnedd Dafydd, the third highest peak in Wales, is usually climbed by first ascending Pen yr Ole Wen mountain and then following the ridge along to Carnedd Dafydd. It is also possible to make a direct ascent from Tal y Llyn Ogwen, first following the stream (Afon Lloer) to the mountain lake of Ffynnon Lloer then climbing up the slope to the summit.